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Luisa Hübner


tel:   +43 699 1103 2370

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I am in love with objects and the material world. As an objectophile turned artist I am mainly working with sculpture, photography and video - capturing the performative play with retro utensils on and in relation to my body.


Luisa Hübner studied at the Schule Friedl Kubelka for Artistic Photography and since 2016 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She took part in exhibitions such as CLITICAL TALK at Improper Walls and PARALLEL VIENNA art fair. Her photo series KITCHEN was shortlisted for the Belfast Photo Festival 2021, in the same year she was awarded by the Hoepfner Foundation. In 2022 Luisa received the Koschatzky Award Grant. Her work has been published in the FRESH EYES TALENTS 2021 Edition for new European photography. She is a member of the Kuenstlerhaus, Association of Austrian Fine Art.


  • Koschatzky Award Grant 2022

  • Shortlisted for Belfast Photo Festival 2022

  • Shortlisted for Gomma Photography Grant 2021

  • Awarded by Hoepfner Foundation for the photo competition "Nähe und Distanz" 2021

  • Shortlisted as "Highly Commended" artist for Belfast Photo Festival 2021

  • Shortlisted for Gomma Photography Grant 2014

  • Photobook “Interference” shortlisted for Rock Your Dummy-Award 2014


  • ROSA SEHEN STATT UNTERGEHEN. pop up gallery. Berlin/Germany. Dec 2022

  • SEARTH. Casa della Musica. Grado/Italy. Dec 2022

  • IN SITU Luisa Hübner. studio of the artist. Vienna/Austria. Nov 2022

  • Kunst 22 Zürich. GPLcontemporary. Zurich/Switzerland. Oct 2022

  • home alone. GPLcontemporary. Vienna/Austria. Sep-Oct 2022

  • Lumbung Lounge. Stellwerk Galerie Kulturbahnhof Kassel. Kassel/Germany. Jul 2022 

  • drip drop. RED carpet showroom Volkstheater. Vienna/Austria. May 2022

  • FOTO WIEN. Slide Show: Rethinking Nature. Vienna/Austria. Mar 2022

  • promesse du bonheur #1. Exi-TS. Trieste/Italy. Dec 2021-Feb 2022 

  • FRESH EYES TALENTS. Rotterdam/Netherlands. Oct 2021

  • HYBRID 21. Rotlicht Festival. Vienna/Austria. Oct 2021

  • Nähe und Distanz. Industrie- und Handelskammer. Karlsruhe/Germany. Sep-Oct 2021

  • Tektonik der Beziehungen. Female 2021@f23. Vienna/Austria. Sep 2021

  • waiting room. PARALLEL VIENNA. Vienna/Austria. Sep 2021

  • Urban Biodiversity. Flederhaus Seestadt. Vienna/Austria. Aug-Sep 2021

  • Endurance. TwentyOne Gallery/online. Mar-Apr 2021

  • Mirrored. photographic performance. MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre. Helsinki/Finland. Mar 2021

  • caprivienna/online. Jan 2021

  • PARALLEL VIENNA. Vienna/Austria. Sep 2020

  • PING PONG #3. OstLicht Gallery for Photography. Vienna/Austria. Feb-Mar 2020

  • PARALLEL VIENNA. Vienna/Austria. Sep 2019

  • CLITICAL TALK. Improper Walls. Vienna/Austria. Feb-Mar 2018

  • frequent diverse. Ateliers Wattgasse. Vienna/Austria. Nov 2016

  • Salon Flux und mo.e. Interventions on Emotional labour. mo.e. Vienna/Austria. Mai 2016

  • Viva Polaroid. FotoQuartier. Vienna/Austria. Nov 2015

  • Text:Bild/Bild:Text II. FOTOGALERIE WIEN. Vienna/Austria. Sep-Okt 2015

  • Sind im Vesch. Vesch. Vienna/Austria. Sep 2015

  • Pas de deux. Kunst Haus Wien. Vienna/Austria. Aug 2015

book projects

  • nebulae. edition of 20 copies. AT 2015

  • Some sort of ERROR. edition of 25 copies. AT 2015

  • Interference. edition of 10 copies. AT 2014


reviews, articles, features:

  • DATUM (print). six-paged article "Rebellion in Pastell". Jul 2022

  • Public Offerings Ltd. (online). Luisa Hübner: Objectophile. interview. Mar 2022

  • FRESH EYES TALENTS (print). 2021

  • Torggata Blad I/2021 (print). article about performance in photography. May 2021

  • "Kitchen". Curated by GIRLS (online). feature. May 2021

  • „the 2021 politics of the kitchen exhibition". lenscratch (online). feature. Apr 2021

  • „A bit of luck from the net“. catalogue accompanying the exhibition „PING PONG“. Jun 2020

  • female_photographers_vienna. Instagram feature. Jul 2018

  • Talent magazine (online). interview. Feb 2017

  • Dienacht #19 (print). one of five Riso printed Zines as limited edition supplement. Okt 2016

  • Photodarium 2017 (print). contribution to the tear-off calendar. Aug 2016

  • Viva Polaroid (print). catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same title. Nov 2015

  • Kwerfeldein (online). interview. Nov 2015

  • Analogmagazine (online). feature. Okt 2015

  • Text:Bild / Bild:Text II (print). catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same title. Sep 2015

  • Poladarium 2016 (print). contribution to the tear-off calendar. Aug 2015

  • PhotoKlassik III/2015 (print). four-paged article. Jun 2015

  • Josef Chladek bookshelf (online). book review. Apr 2015

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