"bubbles", ongoing series

fine art prints, 102 x 76,5 cm / 76,5 x 102 cm or 48 x 36 cm / 36 x 48 cm (depending on the image orientation), color, edition of 3 + 2 artist's proofs per size variant, AT 2017-19

Prints are availabe for purchase - Please contact me for further information!

Dysfunctionalities and deformations are the starting point of my artistic and autobiographic work. With the aid of found or self-constructed objects on and in relation to my body, I am staging a “controlled loss of control". The aim of this performative process is to reproduce and to ritualize experiences of bodily alienation – in objects, photographs and videos. I consider myself an artistic ‚prepper‘, training for a never occurring emergency.

* double portrait created in collaboration with Petra Rautenstrauch


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